How to Test the property of Flame Retardant Fabric

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Flame retardant fabric is a kind of fabric that can extinguish automatically in 2seconds when the flame left the cloth. According to the order of flame retardant materials, there are sub-treated flame retardant fabrics and post-processing flame retardant fabric. So, when we buy flame retardant fabric, how to detect its flame retardant performance?
1, Vertical Method
The test method stipulates that the flame retardant fabric was placed vertically (the length of the flame retardant fabric is vertical to the horizontal line). The combustion source ignites below the flame retardant fabric and measures the minimum ignition time, flame propagation speed, carbonized area and carbonization length of the sample. Suitable for flame retardant woven fabrics, flame retardant knitted fabrics, flame retardant coated fabric, laminated products such as the determination of flame retardant properties.
flame retardant fabric

2,Horizontal Method
Horizontal method, also known as tablet method, the method for the floor fabric, the flame retardant fabric sample placed horizontally. Mainly determines the burning speed of the textile in the horizontal direction under the specified conditions, i.e. the reactivity of the material or composition to heat and flame.
The flame retardant fabric sample is placed on the bottom of the chamber and pressed against the metal cabinet aligned with the flame retardant fabric. Place the tablet in the center of the sample with hexamethylenetetramine, light the tablet and start the time. When the flame is ignited Or any spread of the flame burned to extinguish, or let the flame or flameless combustion spread to any side of the metal frame plate hole, the test is terminated, stop the time. Use the ruler to measure the maximum distance from the center of the flame retardant fabric to the edge of the damaged area and calculate the flame spread time.
3, 45 Degrees Sloping Method
This test method specifies that the flame retardant fabric is tilted at 45 degrees (the length of the flame retardant fabric is at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal line). GB / T14644 Textile fabrics - Combustion performance - Determination of burning velocity in 45 ° direction. Used to measure the intensity and speed of burning of flammable textiles when ignited.
GB / T14645 Textiles - Combustion properties - Determination of damage area and number of flame in 45 ° direction. Points A, B two methods. A method provides the ignition on the surface of the sample, the burning of the sample after the burning time, smoldering time, damage length and carbonization area; B law in the sample under the surface of the ignition, the determination of fabric burning distance 90mm from the need to contact The number of flames for smelt burning fabrics.

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