How to Use Labor Protection Articles Correctly?

2015-08-28 14:50 | writer: admin

Labor protection articles, means protective equipment that protect laborer from personal injury and occupational hazard. Using the labor protection articles correctly, is a important protection to workers’ personal safety and health. Therefore attention should be paid to the following:
1、Manufacture and manage organizations should build a management system for labor protection articles.  Purchase, acceptance check, storage, providing, update, abandonment of labor protection articles management should be enhanced, workers equipping should be supervised and trained.
2、Provided protection articles must meet requirements of national standard or industrial standard. Labor protection articles should not be replaced by currency or any other articles, also product which is out of date or poor quality should not be purchased, used, to make sure that protection article will performance.
3、While equipping and using labor protection articles, following situations should be prevent:
(1) Staff who working high above the ground, unsecured safety belt will cause falling.  
(2) Electrician work ( or hand-held electric motor-operated tools ) get a electric shock for without a insulated shoes.
(3) Without wearing workwear in workshop, dressing a skirt or causal clothes; Or dressing not neatly, opening the front or untying sleeves, that may cause a machine twist.
(4) Long hair isn’t tied back, it may cause hair entangled in the machinery.
(5) Wearing gloves incorrectly. Bare hand in situation which need gloves may cause scald or puncture etc.. Or wearing gloves in situation need bare hand may cause hands entangling into machinery, even arm may entangling in.
(6) Working without a goggle and mask in the right time, will burn or wounded face and eyes, or visual impairment from strong flashes.
(7) Wearing safety helmet incorrectly. When there is a object falling or head hitting, lack of helmet protection may cause a serious injury.
(8) Wearing labor protective shoes in workshop will cause a feet injury.
(9) Wearing and choosing respirator or mask incorrectly, and choosing/using antitoxin protector, will cause poisoning. 
Any other situations which need protection, such as noise, vibration, radiance etc., a correct wearing and using labor protection articles will keep safety and health.

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