Which items should be attention to when using the anti-static workwear?

2015-08-31 15:30 | writer: admin

The anti-static workwear is not the permanent anti-static. After many times washing or wearing incorrect, the anti-static function will be reduction, which can not meet the safe standards. So when wearing and storge, you should pay attention to the following items:
1. The whole garment should be anti-static and without lining. If necessary, the bare place of the lining should no more than the 20% of the whole lining. 
2. Choosing different grade of anti-static fabric and clothing according to the static sensitivity different place and process object. 
3. Don’t append any other metal goods on the anti-static workwear. 
4. Don’t wear or put off the workwear in the static sensitive operation area. Wear the workwear in the specified dressing room. All the button should be buckle up. 
5. Washing the workwear by the sample method, such as by washing machine or by hand and the water temperature is 30-600℃. To prevent the workwear washing by the heavy machine and chemicals. And the soak time is no more than 3 h. 
6. The ironing of the anti-static workwear is the same as the common cotton fabric and poly cotton fabric. The temperature is 40-85℃. And the printed part can’t be ironed directly. 
7. After purchasing, the anti-static workwear should be tested before wear. And after wear a period, especially when putting off the clothes, you have the feeling of electric shock, we should test again. 
8. When wearing the anti-static workwear, you should wear with the anti-static shoes. Don’t wear the wollens sock and insulated shoe pad. Wear anti-static shoes on the anti-static floor and wear conductive shoes on the conductive floor. When wearing, test resistance no more than 200h. 
9. Change the anti-static workwear according to the using period of labour protective products to provent the anti-static reduction and can not meet the standards. The detailed requires as bellow: first time outfit is 2 sets spring and fall workwear, 2 set summer workwear, one set winter workwear, 1 set summer shoes, 1set winter shoes, 2 summer hat 2 fall hat. Changed outfit is : the spring and fall workwear to changed 1set every 2yeras, change the summer suit every year and for the winter workwear change 1 set every 4 years. Change the shoes and hat every year one set. 

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