What Features Retardant Protective Clothing Has?

2015-09-01 14:25 | writer: admin

1, with permanent heat resistant, flame resistance, no combustion, will not reduce the fire-retardant properties due to washing or frequency of use.
2, When confronted with fire, internal fiber of fabric can automatically rapid expansion at the moment, so that the fabric becomes thicker, denser, will not form melting drops because of high temperatures,thus form a protective layer on the human body better.
3, has a good wearability, fabric unique capillary surface design, garment surface moisture can spread rapidly, reaching evaporation, heat quickly and cool effect, wearing comfort.
4, sewing thread, zippers, buttons, pockets of cloth, Velcro and other accessories of fire-retardant protective clothing, all this use flame retardant materials.
5, wash-resistant, wear-resistant and a series of physical and chemical properties of flame-retardant protective clothing life is 3-5 times compared with the normal cotton flame retardant clothing.
FR protective clothing is the first choice of oil exploration, oil refining, chemicals, flammable gases, flammable and explosive chemicals transport, coatings, public security and fire, power protection, military, aerospace and other industries as well as flammable, explosive potentially hazardous industries.

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