The Flame Retardant Standards of Textile

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A. BS flame retardant standards.
1.BS7177 (BS5807) is suitable for furniture and mattress textile in public place of UK, it specially requests fire retardant property, the test method is strictly. The fire source has 0-7 grade, total 8 fire source, separately correspond to low risk, middle risk, high risk, very high risk the foure fire retardant grade.
2.BS7175 is a permanent FR standard suitable for hotel, entertainment venues and assembly occupancies, in the test it requests pass Schedule 4 Part 1 and Schedule 5 Part 1 the two fire source, or more.
3.BS7176 is suitable for furniture coverage textile, request the textile fire retardant and washable, in the test it requests the textile and filling meets Schedule 4 Part 1, Schedule 5 Part 1 and smoke density, toxicity etc. parameters, it is a FR standard for liner and seat that more strictly than BS7175(BS5852).
4. BS5452 is suitable for all of furniture textile, includes bed sheet and pillow etc.. And request that still fire retardant after 50 times washing or dry cleaning.
5. BS5438 series:BS5722 is for children sleepwear, BS5815.3 is for bedding textile, BS6249.1B is for curtain. 
B. American flame retardant standards:
1.CA-117(TB117) is a widely used one-time FR standard in American, not request test after washing, suitable for most of textile exported to American.
2.CS-191 is universal flame retardant clothing standard in American, emphasize the permanent FR property and waring comfortable, the technical usually is two step synthesis or multi-step synthesis, has higher technical and added value of the profit.
3.NFPA-701、703 is FR standard published by NFPA, suitable for curtain etc. hang textile not requested water proof, meanwhile request adsorption capacity and handle feeling etc. parameters in the test.
4.TB-603(16CFR1633), the full name is BHFTI CTB-603, be carried out on Jan 1st of 2005, it mainly for mattress and bedding etc.. The test method is test the heat release data by using large chamber combustion method burning a whole mattress.
5.NFPA261.94 is suitable for furniture textile, includes sofa etc..
6.FAR25-83 FR standards for plane’s decorative fabric.
C. German flame retardant standards:
1.DIN-4102(DIN66084)FR standards for decorative fabric.
2.2.DIN23320 and DIN54336-80(DIN66083)FR standards of protective clothing.
D. Japan flame retardant standards: 
1.JISL1008-69 FR standards for plane’s decorative fabric.
2.JISL1091 standards for protective clothing. 
3.JIS1201=FMVSS302 FR standards for car’s decorative fabric.
E. French flame retardant standards:
1. NFG07-184 fabric for protective clothing;
2. NFG92-501-505 FR standards for decorative fabric.
F. EN-71 flame retardant standard for toys cloth.

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