What’s the test method for FR protective clothing to American fire protection association standard NFPA 2112 ?

2015-09-05 15:23 | writer: admin

NFPA2112 is industrial used FR protective clothing standard, is future industrial used FR protective clothing laws and regulation constructed the test basis. It synthetically stated the industrial used protective clothing ‘s  thermal property requirement, including serious thermal property test.
(1) Vertical flame property test. Put the material uncovered on standard flame 12s, after move off the flame, judge it if can be lighted and the length of flame damage and so on.
(2) Thermal radiation and thermal convection mixed effect protective property test, for short TPP method. This method test is put one 6 square inches fabric on the thermal convection and radiation thermal of general density 2 cal/(cm2•s), then record the time of reached 2 class burn, TPP value is time multiple by cal/cal/(cm2•s) value. TPP value higher, the fabric provide the protective capability more power.
With different of vertical flaming test, TPP test can tell us simulation with the human body skin, penetrate various fabric reach 2 class burn need absorb how many energy, that is to say TPP value higher, then fabric to uncovered high temperature and high fever flaming, the human body protection more better, unit TPP value even be the direct manifest of thermal protective property.
(3) Heating power human body model test. This test is let the whole body containing 122 temperature tester of 6 inches human model put on the fireproof clothing, and let it exposed on 12 propane flamethrower group into 2 cal/cm2•s thermal source, the computer according to 122 temperature tester collected data, simulated human skin may suffer 2 class and 3 class burn and position. This is the current world most advanced and same with the real human size’s thermal burn evaluating system. To further simulate burn degree of human body on actual flaming, under the condition of using test full sets clothing on simulate real flame, the clothing can provide protection degree. Through this test, we can predict human body can reach 2 class or 3 class burn, the whole body burning degree more lower, then surviving chance more bigger.
(4) Thermal stability property test. This test using certain material of heat stability, require to put the material under 500 °F high temperature oven 5 min, its shrinkage rate cannot exceed 15 %, then according to weather material have lighting / melting / dropping and decompose to judge its thermal protective property.

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