Which Flame Retardant Fabric of Yulong Textile are The Best Sellers?

2018-09-27 16:41 | writer: admin

1.Modacrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric
Modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabric with flame retardant fiber itself, can be woven into pure spinning, or blended with cotton, wool, viscose, antistatic fibre, woven into a variety of flame protective acrylic fabrics. This kind of flame retardant fabric is soft and elastic, and has a fluffy and hairy feel. Meanwhile, it is warm and suitable for winter clothing and spring and autumn industrial wear.
2.Cotton Nylon Flame Retardant Fabric
The cotton nylon flame retardant fabric is made of 88% cotton fiber and 12% nylon fiber blend weaving, This kind of flame retardant fabric has a strong abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance, good soaking gas performance and high strength, but also has the soft, texture and comfort of cotton fabric. Made of this kind of fabric retardant clothing in addition to excellent flame retardant performance, can effectively prevent the spark, the metal droplet content such as spitting, its ATPV value higher, better thermal protection performance, is a relatively high-end in flame retardant fabric choice.
flame retardant fabric
3.Elastic Flame Retardant Fabric
The elastic flame retardant fabric is made of 95% cotton fiber and 5% spandex fiber blend weaving, Due to the addition of spandex to the fabric, it has the flexibility, the performance, the scalability is better, and not easy to wrinkle. The protective clothing made from the flame retardant fabric is more comfortable, more appropriate and easier to handle, which is the best choice for people to pursue the protection and beauty of comfort.
4.Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric
Aramid flame retardant fabric is made from aramid yarn, fixed and dyed. Because the aramid fiber itself has noncombustible, excellent electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, excellent mechanical performance, durable, etc, the characteristics of the thermal stability of the use of this fiber aramid flame retardant fabric is integrating the strongpoint of ordinary flame protective fabric, have extremely excellent flame protective properties, arc resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal protection performance, wear-resisting tensile performance.
5.Cotton Polyester Flame Retardant Fabric
Cotton Polyester flame retardant fabric is made of more than 60% cotton fiber and less than 40% polyester fiber blend weaving. In addition to the fine characteristics of cotton fiber, it has good elasticity and recovery of polyester fiber. The fabric is crisp, anti-wrinkle and durable.
6.Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric
Cotton flame retardant fabric is made of 100% natural fiber cotton weaving finishing, it has the air permeability, moisture absorption quick drying, soft, soft luster, but also retain the characteristics of the cotton fiber antistatic ecological environmental protection. The protective clothing made of this flame protective fabric is very comfortable, breathable, and not irritating to the skin. It is the first choice for customers who value natural environmental protection.

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