What is fiber and their characteristics of permanent flame retardant overalls?

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Fabric of permanent flame retardant overalls is yarn or thread already has flame retardant properties and high washing performance. While the opposite after-treatment FR coverall retardant refers to the fabric essentially does not have fire-retardant properties, after weaving fabric the yarn or thread will do after-treatment, post-processing flame retardant fabric washable relatively less performance. Then what is the permanent fire-retardant clothing fabrics,now we will introduce common fibers and their characteristics:
(1) Nomex® fiber: heat and FR fiber (aramid 1313)
Nomex® fiber Features:
1, heat-resistant permanent flame retardant fiber, high strength, high wear resistance, low shrinkage, chemical structure and stability, acid and alkali resistant and prevent corrosion of organic chemicals ,etc.
2, good dimensional stability, its heat shrinkage rate was only 1% after long-term use at 250 ℃ , fire does not melt, no droplet, does not produce toxic gases.
3, over 400 ℃ began to decompose, the surface of cloth began thickening when decomposition , at a temperature of 900 ℃ -1500 ℃ of heat transfer can be isolated without cracking. FR clothing produced by Nomex® fiber, light weight, elastic, breathable, soft and comfortable to wear.
4, due to the outstanding performance of the fabric is from the fiber itself, not auxiliaries,so it can be any washing, but its function will not change;
5, Nomex® after oil water repellent finishing so that the fabric has a performance of water  and oil repellent, stain-release and so on.
(2) Kevlar fiber: High-density low elongation bulletproof fiber (scientific name: para-aramid fiber, Kevlar, domestic known as aramid 1414);
Kevlar fiber Features:
1, Kevlar (Kevlar) has a very good thermal stability, Fire Resistance, chemical resistance, insulation resistance, and high strength and modulus, the physical properties of Kevlar and other fibers to make a comparison, Kevlar fiber is asbestos 2-11 times the intensity is 1.6 times the strength of high-strength graphite, three times the strength of the glass fiber, the same weight of steel fiber is five times the strength. And Kevlar density is very low, almost half the density of asbestos;
2, thermal stability, Kevlar hot test (TGA) is very stable until 600 ℃ have a significant weight loss;
3, low aggressive, having a high content of the test strip Kevlar, exhibits less than half of the metal sheet erosion;
4, wear resistance, compared with asbestos fibers, Kevlar fibers in good condition to reflect the very low abrasion resistance.
(3) Aramid IIIA fibers: aramid fibers 3A
Aramid IIIA fiber is 93% of Nomex® fiber, 5% Kevlar® and 2% carbon fiber, bulletproof Kevlar® fiber is added in fiber to increase the tensile strength and tear strength of the cloth. Nylon fiber with added carbon fiber, so that the fabric has a permanent anti-static function.
Therefore, the above-mentioned flame-retardant clothing made of fabric widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, power and other industries, particularly favored by foreign labor protection department.

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