What is Aramid Flame Retardant Viscose Blended Fabrics

2018-11-22 15:03 | writer: admin

Features: Xinxiang yulong textile production of aramid flame retardant viscose blended  fabric to use domestic or imported flame retardant viscose, because the aramid fiber itself has noncombustible, excellent electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, good mechanical properties, thermal stability of the persistent wait for a characteristic, with this kind of fiber weaved aramid flame retardant viscose blended fabrics with permanent flame retardant, breathable moisture permeability, feel soft and comfortable to wear, etc.
Aramid flame retardant viscose blended fabrics

Weight: 150 g/sm, 180 g/sm, 210 g/sm, 250 g/sm.
Application: apply to aramid flame retardant viscose blended fabric are widely used in fire suit, overalls, army military, aviation, oil field of chemical industry, power industry, etc.

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