How to Wash Modacrylic Cotton Flame Retardant Knitted Fabric

2018-12-14 16:30 | writer: admin

Modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric is a material mixed by modacrylic fiber and combed cotton fiber, therefore we need consideration to the multiplicity of acrylic fiber, cotton fiber, flame retardant and knitted when washing. Only correct and reasonable washing method can guarantee and extend the safety protection of the Modacrylic cotton knitted flame retardant garment. The editor summarized following notes:
Reactive dyes were used to dye cotton fiber, in order to ensure the color and color fastness, Please do not use chlorine bleaching detergent ,like sodium hypochlorite; Do not washing garments with the detergent containing hydrogen peroxide or soap , which will result in insufficient washing ,moreover soap is flammable, also influence the function of the  flame retardant fabric.
modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric
Modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric is curly and fluffy ,cannot wash and dry at high temperature (above 60°) , because high-temperature is easy to make the fabric shrink and out of shape. After wash, it should be Line dried and laid, dried and ironed at low temperature.
Low-temperature phosphorus-containing auxiliary detergent is recommended, Ph value not too high or too low, because high Alkaline will damages the skin , and high acidity will damage the cotton fiber strength.
In order to make garments washed cleaner, dirty garments better to use 80% washing capacity, while heavy dirty garments use 60% or slightly increased.
With your correct washing, The modacrylic cotton flame retardant knitted fabric and garment which produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd ,will increase your pleasant working time and keep your body safety longer. 

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