What are the method of FR treatment?

2015-09-08 09:28 | writer: admin

The number of fire disaster and death rate caused by textile is more than which are caused by other reasons, and caused heavy loss of life and property. So, All countries in the world make flame retardant technical regulations of textile, and rule some textiles must be flame retardant finishing.
Flame retardant finishing has two methods, one is additional agent, mix flame retardant agent and fiber original fluid, or add flame retardant agent into polymeride then spinning, make the fiber flame retardant. Another is finished, it means that make flame retardant treatment on the fiber or textile. 
At present, foreign countries are all developing flame retardant textile, usually use for wearing, decorate and industrial. The wearing is main for work wear, sleepwear and shirt of children and adult. Decorate textile includes the textile for airplane, train, car, ship, hotel, high building and public place. Home textile as curtain, door curtain, folding screen, table cloth, mattress, bed sheet, carpet, wall covering, sofa covering etc.. Industrial textile like tent, toy etc., include cotton, viscose, woolen, polyester, nylon, mod-acrylic and blended textile. Flame retardant textile needs different flame retardant property, it has specified standard and test methods, also need meet different requirements of textile, when choosing flame retardant agent and flame retardant technology should be taken into account.

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