What should you pay attention to when choosing antistatic clothing?

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When it comes to anti-static clothing, there may be a misconception that everyone thinks that anti-static clothing is just a piece of clothing and pants. In fact, this idea is not true. In order to achieve the anti-static effect, the anti-static clothing worn by the manufacturer is used together. In general, it consists of one-piece overalls, boots, protective gloves, hood, face protection and goggles. Only a full range of protection can play the role of anti-static, then how to choose the best quality anti-static clothing?
antistatic clothing
1. Anti-static clothing protection
Protective function is the basic requirement of anti-static clothing. Materials selected for anti-static clothing must be able to protect against risk factors and suppliers must be able to provide relevant test data.
2. Anti-static clothing process quality
In addition to the material properties (protective effects) themselves, the quality of the process is equally important. Understand whether there are test data from manufacturers or independent testing organizations to verify that product quality and process quality have been certified by a certification body.
3 wearing comfortable anti-static clothes
Protection operators must wear comfortable anti-static clothing. Inappropriate size can cause the protective suit to rupture, the wearer's movements to be blocked, and to feel depressed. This will inevitably affect the work. Soft fiber materials (such as polypropylene non-woven materials) are generally considered to have good gas permeability, but their protective effects are not satisfactory. In contrast, the high-density polyethylene produced by the flash method not only has good gas permeability, but also has a good protective effect.
4. The value of anti-static clothing
The choice of any product must of course take into account the price, but when it comes to life-threatening conditions that are hazardous to health or extreme conditions, price should not be a major factor to consider. In general, higher quality can only be achieved by investing higher costs in the research, development, production and design of antistatic garments.
The correct choice of anti-static clothing should not only consider the protective performance, but also consider the durability and comfort. It is necessary to find the best balance between protection, durability and comfort.
At the same time, it should be considered whether the anti-static fabric used in anti-static overalls can meet the following standards.
1. International Standard IEC 61340-5-1:2007
2. American Standard ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
3. China Standard GJB3007-2009
4. Industry standard SJ/T10694-2006
As far as the certification standards are concerned, the popular ESD systems in Europe and America include IEC, EIA, ESDA and IPC. The ESD standard of IPC is actually a reference to ESDA and EIA standards, so the popular system in the strict sense is three categories.

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