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As with any rules, regulations or guidelines, there is a certain extent to which it will always be tempting to ask, “Do we need that? Is that rule really necessary? After all, no one at my company has gotten hurt in so long. Aren’t these rules a little too extreme?”
While this is understandable, it’s still important to realize the rules and regulations are there for an important reason: your safety, the safety of your coworkers and the safety of the entire building or location.
OSHA mandates FR clothing and its usage, and the organization that will not hesitate to hand out fines to any companies it finds to be outside of compliance with the regulations.


In addition to providing protection to employees, FR clothing also serves as a handy insurance policy for your company in the event an accident does occur. While it’s certainly expensive for your company to outfit its workers in appropriate gear, it can easily be even more expensive for them if an employee is severely burned. The cost of things like workers’ compensation, training temporary replacement workers and other related expenses will usually far outweigh the cost of protecting the employees in the first place.
All this goes to prove even if it weren’t for OSHA regulations, most companies would much rather outfit their employees correctly than be forced to deal with accidents or injuries onsite.
The rules may seem overbearing or unnecessary, but they’re there for a good reason. If it seems like there’s no need for the rules, that’s for the best. It means the rules are doing their job, since no one is getting hurt. Things are working as they should.

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