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The benefits of flame-resistant and flame-retardant clothing alike are obvious. They allow workers to conduct work in potentially hazardous locations with a greatly reduced risk of injury. While no flame-resistant clothing is guaranteed to prevent every injury, every time, the risk while wearing these specialized garments is significantly lower than it would be if the worker was wearing everyday clothing.
With fire-resistant clothing, the promise is not that the garments will never catch fire. They are designed to resist igniting, and will generally fulfill this purpose in all but the most extreme situations. The great strength of flame-resistant clothing, however, is that it prevents fires from spreading. Even if the clothing does catch fire, it will almost always extinguish itself quickly.
These self-extinguishing properties mean the wearer is less likely to suffer from burns and will have time to retreat from the hazardous environment without the added danger of spreading the fire via their clothing. The fire will be more likely to remain contained, and the worker will be more likely to escape unharmed.

Flame-resistant clothing allows workers to do their jobs in environments and situations that would otherwise be too hazardous, all with a very low risk of injury.

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