Which common terms when testing the flame retardant fabric?

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The flame retardant fabric is widely used in the oil, chemical, hotel and other industry. It is a problem for us to choose the flame retardant fabric. We usually search on the internet when choosing the fabric, but we can not understand many common terms. These common terms can reflect the burning of the flame retardant fabric very preciseness and perceptual intuition. Through learning the common terms, we can know about the products more clearly. Let’s learn some professional terms as bellow, 
1. Burning: the flammability materials move away from the fire and produce the oxidation redox exothermic reaction with lighting in the flame and non-flame area.
2. Firing: flammability materials catches the fire, the firing process without the flame and lighting in the firing area. 
3. Residual fuel: the burning materials move away from the fire and also have flame burning. 
4. After glow: the burning materials move away from the fire and also burn without flame.
5. Flame burning: burning with light 
6. Smouldering: a slowly burning with smog, but no light 
7. Light temperature: inflammation point, the lowest temperature to keep the materials burning under the specified test condition. 
8. Pyrolysis: the irreversible chemical decomposition under the non-oxydic high temperature. 
9. Molten drop: drop under high temperature 
10. Carbonization: the process of the materials to form the carbon residue under the pyrolysis and imperfect combustion. 
11. Flame retardant: some materials have the characters of prevent, slow and stop the flame. 
12. Flame spread: the expansion process of the flame 
13. Damage length: the longest char length under the test condition. 
14. LOI: the min concentration of the oxygenic to keep the materials in burning under the test condition. 

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