Fabric classification and clothing characteristics of overalls

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What kind of fabric can be used in overalls, what is the characteristics of workwear fabrics? How do you choose tooling fabrics? Depending on the characteristics of the tools you need, you can choose the right tooling fabric to protect the tool, which can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical trauma and dangerous chemicals, heat radiation burns, including protection, washing, antibacterial and anti- Mildew, chemical resistance, heat resistance, etc.
Fine oxford spinning is made from polyester and double-strand cotton. It has the characteristics of clear and generous lines, combined dots, high cotton content, comfortable wearing and perfect finishing. Organization: 1/1 plain weave. Weight: 190-200 g / square meter. Width: 146-148CM.
The silk surface is smooth and delicate, with soft luster and bright colors. Feel smooth, light and elegant. When it dries, the hand touches the surface of the silk and has a feel. When it sheds tears, it has a "silk-like voice."
Human silk:
The silk surface is bright but not soft, rich in color, smooth, soft, drape, but silky than silk. The hand loosens the surface of the silk, wrinkles, and slowly recovers. The hoarse voice is tearing. After the warp and weft are wet, they are easily broken.
Adhesive tape:
The fabric is shiny, colorful, smooth, smooth, soft to the touch and less elastic. After the fabric is held by hand, the fabric is relaxed, and visible wrinkles are visible, and the crease is not easily restored to its original shape.
Polyester and cotton:
The gloss is brighter than a cotton cloth, and the fabric is smooth, clean and free of yarn or impurities. It feels smoother, crisper and more elastic than cotton. After the hand is caught by the fabric, the crease is not obvious and it is easy to restore the original shape.
Glossy soft cloth, soft to the touch, poor elasticity, easy to fold. After the fabric is held by hand, the fabric is relaxed, the visible creases are noticeable, and the creases are not easily restored to their original shape. Some warp and weft yarns are observed from the edge of the cloth and the length of the fibers varies.
Pure wool wool:
The face is full and the texture is heavy. Fine fluff on the surface, the texture is generally not exposed. Feel warm, full and full of elasticity. The yarn is mainly a roving single yarn.
Towel-blend woolen cloth:
The surface is smooth, the hair is strong, and the waxy appearance is not easy to feel. After releasing your hand, the hand is folded tightly and can slowly return to its original shape. Pure wool fabric style look. The surface texture is clear, smooth and smooth, and the hand feel is not as soft as the pure wool fabric, the hand feels stiff and rough, and the elasticity is greater than the full hair and wool felt. After clenching your hand tightly, release your hand and the crease will quickly return to its original shape.
Wool-brick blended fleece:
Most worsted. Strong wool, wool style, warm feeling. Flexibility is not as good as wool and polyester.
Pure wool worsted wool:
The surface of the fabric is smooth and clean, and the texture is fine and clear. Gloss, soft and natural, pure color. Feel soft and elastic. When the hand is pressed, the crease is not obvious and can be quickly restored to its original shape. Most yarns are double stranded.

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