Cotton FR fabric strength requests for yarn and gray

2019-03-25 15:12 | writer: admin

Cotton FR fabric is the most common fabric applied to functional protective garments in recent years , because of its complete variety , wide application ,the needs increasing day by day ,because the FR process have huge damage for strength ,although taken many protective methods during the processing , according to clients’ different needs and requests for standards , strength is one of important idicators, Below are the strength requests for cotton fr fabric :
1. The cotton FR fabric weight of 200gsm or less: Need high strength when make fabric , because the thin yarn ,fiber have weak strength ,if clients need high strength ,needed to blened with more than 30% long staple cotton to effectively improve the strength ; if the fabric used for lining , request low FR level , the finished product made of general ring spinning or embryo can meet the requirements.
2. The cotton fr fabric weight at 200-300gsm : generally used for fabric , With ring spinning and siro spinning woven gery cloth, the finished product can meet the requirements. when clients have higher request for the strength , it needs to blended with long staple cotton         to woven gray ,then can reach high strength .
3. The cotton fr fabric weight more than 300gsm: Because of its coarse yarn count, its own strength is high. According to the protection requirements, it can take the rotor spinning, or weft ring spinning warp rotor spinning and the weft rotor warp ring spinning woven grey cloth , or the full ring-spinning yarn weaving, the finished product can meet different strength requirements, thus Can meet the strong requirements of different guests. 

All in all , it is necessary to rationally use different strong grey fabrics in order to provide better quality and preferential finished products to give you more reasonable protection. 

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