What are the fabric after-finishing technologies?

2015-09-11 10:09 | writer: admin

After-finishing is a technical treatment which makes the fabric have excellent performance in color, form( bright, suede, stiff and smooth) and practical effect( waterproof, no felting, non-ironing, no decay,  burning resistance). Fabric after-finishing is a process to improve the fabric’s surface and hand-feeling and strength the fabric performance.
After-finishing divided into physical/mechanical finishing and chemical finishing. 
The existing after-finishing technologies have whitening, sizing, tentering, preshrinking, calender, electro-optics, corrugated, sanded, softening, liquid ammonia finishing,,wrinkle proofing, water repellent, anti static finishing, soil release finish, moth-proof finish, rot proof finishing, fire retardant finishing, weighting finishing, deweighting finishing, coating finishing, cook, wash, milling, fluff, shearing, blowing, pressing, prevent anti-felting finishing, washing, sand washing, stone mill, antibacterial deodorization finishing and so on.
The fabric after finishing can improve the clothing inner performance, makes clothing more new functions. Napping, sanding Finishing makes the fabric fluffy, enhance the fabric heat retention property, moisture retention. Calendering, lightning and singeing finish makes the surface fabric less villus, increase the fabric anti-fuzzing and piling property. Shrinking, liquid ammonia, setting makes the fabric stability, lower the fabric shrinkage rate. Soft, liquid ammonia finishing perfect the fabric hand felling, makes the clothing more comfort. The waterproof and moisture permeating finishing makes the clothing more comfort in rainy days. Water repellent and soil release finish makes the clothing more clean. The anti-static finishing make the clothing escape the static, and makes more security, clean and tidy. Fire retardant finishing can effectively prevent the flame spread and maintain the fabric raw performance, safe and reliable, air and water vapor permeability, soft handle and wearing comfortable.

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