What’s the washing requirement for antistatic oil & water & stain proof 100% cotton fabric?

2015-09-12 08:48 | writer: admin

1、During washing, the suitable temperature of water is under 30℃, Put neutral soap or fermental-free detergent 1 gram per kilo clothing, bath ratio is less than 1:40, adopt soft washing method, in case of excessive friction to decrease antistatic performance
2、After washing it needs to dry under the sunshine, or 2min. heat iron after natural drying, also can be use on the status of more than 4mins 150℃ drying.
3、dry /ventilate kept, in case of machine or chemistry damages.
4、The metal material can not be used on the work wear making, if it’s really needed (button/zip), you should make sure the metal material hiding inside the clothing when wearing it.
5、During wearing the work wear, it is forbidden to do that adding or wearing any metal things, and forbidden to put on and put off on the easy burning and quick exploded place.

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