What kind of development trend of flame retardant textiles?

2015-09-14 14:46 | writer: admin

With the rapid development of textile technology, China's flame retardant textiles has been got considerable progress in recent years, and show different trends.
Function composite
In addition to the early functional textiles flame retardant heat radiation, flame retardant anti-static,in recent years, according to different application areas of textile fabrics made new demands, such as for curtains, curtain bathrooms and other wet environments, etc., in addition to flame resistant, but also requires mildew and water repellent; for taking, sofa and bed linen retardant outer fabric requirements need to have health care function. In the military field, combat uniforms and military equipment camouflage material requires not only flame retardant, but also requires a security function. In China, the flame-retardant anti-static textile research more mature, flame retardant water- and oil-repellent products also have research, develop health-care functional textile need us to concern.
Green environmental protection
Green of FR fiber refers to reduce the toxic effects process to the environment and the operator in the production , to prevent adverse effects on the fiber through the employer, when the fire broke out, will not have a "secondary poisoning." This is because the FR fibers used generally contain halogen, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements, most have greater toxicity, flame retardants and synthetic fiber production process, the operator will have some toxic effects, its "three wastes "emissions will bring more serious environmental pollution. From the environmental protection, human security and the development of halogen-free flame retardant efficiency point of view, efficient, low smoke, low toxicity, environmentally friendly flame retardant textiles are the future trends. As a typical silicone-based flame retardant halogen-free flame retardant, it is an efficient, non-toxic, low smoke, pollution-free characteristics, and having improved dispersion and processing performance characteristics.
High technology
High technology fiber is a series of fiber with high performance and high functionality with the development of high-tech industry's development. High-tech fiber developed series of new technology in the production process, such as electrostatic spinning, gel spinning, spinning membrane crack, liquid crystal spinning, centrifugal spinning, etc., to bring new life to the synthetic fiber industry. High-tech high-temperature flame-retardant fiber is one important branch of high-tech fire-retardant fiber, due to its unique chemical structure, without adding flame retardant material or modified, itself has a high temperature and flame retardant properties. As pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber (OPANF), polybenzimidazole (PBI) fibers, polyethylene phthalate isophthalic diamine (MPIA) fibers, fibers Melamine Formaldehyde (MF) and the like.
Charming FR fiber
In the high-temperature, heat radiation and a fire in the environment, workers must wear protective clothing flame or heat protective clothing. Under these conditions, the people of the thermal load is too high, difficult to adhere to the normal work efficiency for a long time. So for flame retardant textiles, it must take into account the comfort of textiles. It should take into account for the purposes of flame retardant fiber performance, spinning performance and comfort of heat and moisture.

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