How to make textile realize anti-static property?

2015-09-15 16:14 | writer: admin

1.  Improving moisture, keep anti-static fabric surface wet for its property, this method can reduce fabric surface resistance.
In order to reduce the electronic-static hazard, improving moisture in space, reducing dust, fiber and feather etc. . These cannot keep moisture in fabric. This method also can achieved by painting a kind of hydrophilic polymer surfactant ( antistatic agent ), which can also be classified as the third “agent” method. The feature is simple technique, lower cost, but it is not washable, and it is easy effected by air relative humidity.
2. Reducing surface resistance 
This method is using the conductive fiber as the raw material, it can reduce surface resistance of fabric and garment. With the deepening of the research, conductive fiber including organic polymer fibers, mainly are polyamide or polyester, and inorfil including the commonly used carbon and stainless steel fibers. Conductive fibers need to be spin and then weaving into cloth, the fiber conductive property depend on the type, amount and position of conductive fiber, carbon fiber is more commonly used conductive material, sulfide copper, iodide copper and other oxide metal are often used. Conductive material can be use as a paint agent for covering the fabric surface, or using composite spinning to make fiber conductive, or two media using into surface and fabric-inside, conductive material commonly amount is about 3~30%. Recently, with the improvement of the ecological security requirement, and with consumers paying attentions to the heavy metal content in textiles, especially Oeko-Tex Standard 100 extension of the International Oeko-Tex Association, the using of metal conductive fiber show a downward trend in nowadays.
3. Use additives, including add anti-static agent, functional finishing agent, new generation anti-static soft-finishing agent to spin-finish and so on.
Now foreign markets new antistatic agent are: Crostat PTA which is a kind of temporary anti-static agent for synthetic fiber carpet yarn, it don not affect color fastness of carpet yarn, TC-Anfistatikum Uk flussig is a kind of synthetic fiber anti-static agent, it can make the handing softer; Laustat cT is a kind of an anti-static agent for soaking and pad; Yamsoft-GS is a kind of Pseudophase ion soft lubricant, it has the anti-static property, it is specialized to cotton yarn, but it also can improve softness and antistatic property of synthetic fiber or blended yarn; AchitoilOL Conc is a kind of non-ionic anti-static agent, it can be used to improve cellulose fibre and its blended yarn, it has the high lubricating function and reduce friction between fabrics.
For the new antistatic function additives, due to its large molecules softness, long atom distance and big moving DOF, so it got the weak intermolecular force, and then show a low surface tension, this agent got a well lubricity and softness. For wool fibers, it can change bidirectional friction coefficient of wool fibers and make them close to agreement, this can prevent the irreversible movement of wool fiber effectively. And for polyester fiber, due to large affinity to poly-fiber macromolecule vinegar, so the anti-static agent macromolecule gives vinegar fiber a more smooth and soft hand feel. Test reports show that except reduce static effect, new generation anti-static agent can reduce fiber buckling hysteresis, improving anti-static agent drapability, and then getting soft hand feel.

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