The dyeing process of 100% cotton fabric

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The dyeing process has pre-processing, dyeing, finishing, inspection the four processes.
(1) The pre-processing:
Sewing, desizing, singeing, fixing, bleaching, mercerizing
(2) Dyeing process:
100% cotton fabric mainly use padding dyeing.
The dyeing machine has two parts, first half part is dyeing, the latter half part is fixing the color.
The dyeing method has some difference as the different dyeing stuff, the dyeing stuff has reactive dyeing stuff, vat dyeing stuff, vulcanize, coating.
(3) Finishing process:
During pre-processing and dyeing, the cotton fabric passed the padding machine and the warp stretched and the weft shrunk, the handle feeling is rough, so in finishing process, will be solve these problems.
Soften and tentering: first soften for the soft handle feeling, then tentering, stretch the weft has shrunk, if has setting machine, will be go in one step.
Shrinkage: let the fabric pass through the rubber blanket of shrinkage machine, according to the theory of temperature change, make the width of fabric shrink to the acceptable range of garment cutting, the spandex fabric shall control to 3% in warp, 5% in weft, Non-spandex fabric shall control to 3% in warp, 3% in weft.
The finishing process shall follow to the client’s requirements, generally the skewing in weft of plain fabric will be control within 3%, the factory can also according to their own devices, can also be air soft washing fabrics etc.
(4) Inspection:
The finished fabric need test the shrinkage, color fastness, physical internal technical data, compare the color with the client’s standard color, then inspection. Generally the clients accept the 4-points quality system, eligible products will be packed.
Till now, the dyeing is finished, the fabric can be deliver to garment factory.

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