What are the woven fabrics?

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Two directions yarn are perpendicular and weaved with a regular pattern, that is woven fabric. 
The basic tissue is the most simple and basic in all the tissues, which formed the basis of change and figure-weave. The basic tissues including plan, twill and satin.  
1, the plain tissue.
Tissue parameters: the plain tissue is the most simple, the organization rule is 1/1, two yarn alternating become a complete organization.
Character:  plain tissue more binding point, yarn more buckling, so the textile stiff and smooth,  strong tensile, neat appearance, but hand feeling hard, small elastic.
Common plain fabric: plain tissue is widely used in cotton, fur, silk, and flax, for example, smooth plain fabric, fine-grained plain habutai, diamond particles of poplin, concave-convex horizontal stripes tussores, crepe effect seersucker and georgette, valetin, palace, plumetis, flannel and so on.  
2, twill tissue: the character of twill tissue is stepped through sequentially arranged from warp-wise float length to weft float length, the surface of the textile is twill. Each warp yarn movement the same, but starting point different.
Character: twill textile tissue have flush, diatropicplane and positive diagonal. If the textile surface more warp organized point should be flush twill, like 2/1, other wise, would be weft twill, 3/1.
Common twill textile: smooth style fabric, serge, khaki, gabardine and so on.
3. Satin tissue
Tissue parameters and characters: satin tissue is the most complex. The character is only warp yarn only have one organizations point, a little distance between two yarn’s organization point and covered by the warpflush or weft flush on either side, the textile surface formed by warp flush or weft flush, which makes surface smooth, good gloss, and soft material.
Common satin textile: satin tissue has a wide field of application. Cotton or fur material usually use five satin weave, common examples including venetian, barathea, sateen and so on. The silk material often use eight satin weave, common examples including good gloss plain satin, damask, and satin jacquard. 

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