What’s the difference for the fabric of face side and back side?

2015-09-19 15:38 | writer: admin

(1)General fabric face side stripe/ color both more clear and beautiful than back side.
(2)The textile having stripe looking and the textile have matched color stripe , which face side stripe must be clear and pretty.
(3)Raised line and pique textile, tightness and delicate on the face side, having stripe or raised pattern; however back side more rough, having long line.
(4)Fluffing textile: one side fluffing fabric, the side having fluffing is the face side. Two-sided fluffing fabric, then treat the clean and tidy fluffing side as the face side.
(5)Observe textile ‘s edge, clean and tidy fabric edge as the face side.
(6)Double layer and multiple layer fabric, such as different density of thread count on face and back side, generally the face side have bigger density or have more great raw material.
(7)Leno textile: clear lines/ doup end raised side as the face side.
(8)Towel cloth: bigger density of pile loop side as the face side.
(9)Printing textile: clear pattern, bright color side as the face side.
(10)Full sheet textile: except exported product, once having instruction (logo) and inspection sealed side as the back side.
Most of textile, which face and back side having clearly difference, but also having some textile ,which face and back side is most similar, both side can use , thus to this fabric , we don’t have to distinguish the face and back side.

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