What’s the feature of cotton textile fabric?

2015-09-21 11:04 | writer: admin

Cotton textile fabric is wovened with cotton yarn or cotton type polyester blended yarn, it has the following features.
1. High moisture absorption, big shrinkage, about 4-10%.
2. Alkali proof, but not acid proof. Cotton fabric is not stable to mineral acid, even though very dilute sulfuric acid also can destroy the cotton fabric, but organic acid almost can’t cause any damage to cotton fabric. cotton fabric is alkali resistant, usually at normal temperature diluted alkali can’t cause any damage to cotton fabric, but after strong acid, the strength of cotton fabric will be reduced, Generally use 20% alkali liquor finished the cotton fabric, will be obtained mercerizing cotton fabric.
3. Light resistant and heat resistant of cotton fabric is common. Under sunlight and air, the cotton fabric will be oxidized slowly, and the strength will be reduced. High temperature for a long time can make damage to cotton, but it can be bear 125 ~ 150 ℃ high temperature short processing.
4. Microorganisms have damage on cotton fabric, not resist the mold.

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