Which methods can be realized to make the fabric flame retardant?

2015-09-22 15:09 | writer: admin

There are the fiber flame retardant and the after finished flame retardant. Because the cost difference, the after finished flame retardant treatment is widely used in China. 
The two way to make the fabric flame retardant, 
1. Add the fire retardant chemicals to the fiber by polymerization, blended, alloying, composite spinning, melt grafting to make the fiber flame retardant. 
2. The coated flame retardant or padded the flame retardant chemicals to the fabric. This two way have two different flame retardancy. The best way is to make the modified treatment to the fabric by nano technology, which have low cost and permanent flame retardancy. And the fabric is also soft, which have get the world class standard. 
In general, the fiber flame retardant can take full advantage of the FR chemicals than the after finished FR fabric. It is more softer and have permanent flame retardant effects. But in the practive use, we usually use more than one chemicals or two kind of method at the same time to get the flame retardant effects. 

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