What about the arc safety standards?

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Standard: ASTM F1506 Standard Performance Specification of textile materials:
Clothing for electricity workers will be exposed in an instant the arc and other thermal hazards in the use of fire-retardant textile materials, ASTM F1506 developed a performance specification. ASTM F1506 protection requirements including vertical combustion method (new material after washing) and arc stage set.
In addition, the standard requires the fabric is not easily ignited or ignited combustion and to curb self-extinguish. Flame retardancy by a vertical combustion method FTM 5903.1 (exposed to flame 2 seconds after the maximum damage length of about 15 cm) test.The arc grade pass ASTM F1959 test,accessed use ATPV value or EBT.
Standard Two: ASTM F1891 arc-proof FR raincoat standards:
This standard applies to waterproof raincoat flame retardant material, you can use fire-retardant coating or laminating fabrics to produce clothing. Its flame retardant properties by measuring the ASTM D-6413 vertical combustion method, ATPV value also needs to be recorded. Measured five times by ASTM F1959 arc thermal performance test method and choose the lowest value recorded EBT.
Standard Three: NFPA 70E workplace electrical safety requirements of the standard:
In the United States published by the National Fire Protection Association, in 2004 the latest version of NFPA 70E standard contains the industry in all aspects of the work environment rules for safe use of electricity. NFPA 70E recommends that in the case of arcing, the arc protection, fire personal equipment,must meet performance standards of ASTM F1506, ASTM F1891and ASTM F2178, and the revised version requires enterprises to advance arc hazard analysis to determine the safety limits arc. The standard in order to protect employees within the arc safety limits set by the use of appropriate protective clothing hazard risk classification ATPV value to protect employees. Unit of ATPV value is cal / cm2, on behalf of arc thermal protection value to reflect the arc protection materials, especially the largest protective properties of arc protective clothing.

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