Requirements and characteristics of Cotton/Nylon FR Fabric

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Blended cotton/nylon (also called nylon cotton fabric) flame-retardant fabric is the blended cotton and nylon fabric which got the proban finishing process.
Cotton/Nylon Fabric requirement for grey fabric
Generally requirement, nylon content should be not higher than 20%, and the most common content is 88% cotton and 12 nylon fiber.
Polyamide fiber such as nylon’s melting point is 215℃, decomposition temperature is 315℃, burning point is 530℃. For it has a big difference in temperature between melting point and burning point.
Cotton/Nylon Blended fabric (Nylon cotton) requirement to flame retardant agent
Flame retardant agent which contain nitrogen and phosphorus got a well performance on polyester and cotton fabric, but it is not perform well on nylon cotton fabric, while chlorinated flame retardants such as chloride, bromide also got less flame-retardant performance on nylon cotton fabric. Usually we use proban flame-retardant agent which contains phosphorus while the actual producing. When nylon content is 12%, the flame-retardant property can meet requirements of EN470-1、EN11611、EN11612、EN531、EN533、BS5852、NFPA2112、NFPA、ASTM and GB8965-98 etc.
Characteristics of Cotton/Nylon FR Fabric
The main characteristic is permanent fusion to inner structure after finishing, so that it can get the flame-retardant property which is lasting, it also got the well abrasion, strength, handfeel and launderability, it is also nontoxic, peculiar smell and safe to humanbody, it is got a well breathability and moisture permeability, and it is very comfort, this flame-retardant fabric can stop burning and keep fabric property.

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