How to find suitable protective clothing?

2015-09-25 15:38 | writer: admin

The first is to confirm the industry and working environment, the protective clothing including anti-static clothing, fire retardant clothing, anti acid clothing, anti acid and anti static clothing, anti-radiation clothing, cold protective clothing, fire proof clothing, hi vis clothing and so on.
The second step: confirmed the industry and working environment, the most is to choose protective clothing manufacturer. There are too many protective manufacturer in the market, which makes the clients do not know how to choose suitable protective clothing. First we have to make sure that that manufacturer have production safety signs of special labor protection goods. Second is know that manufacturer product quality, public praise, price and other advantages.
Pls pay attention to the price, as the lines of defense, the protective clothing quality is the most important, expensive clothing not means high quality, and vice versa. Be careful in your choice, we have to choose suitable protective product.

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