How to wash flame retardant workwear?

2015-09-29 09:54 | writer: admin

Fire resistant work wear divided into two styles: one is jacket and trousers, one is coverall. Washing of fire retardant overalls and usual overall is different, if not pay attention to these small details in daily life, it is possible to shorten the life of the flame retardant overalls.
To be more safe and beautiful, when clean the clothes, water temperature should be below 30 degrees, per kg of clothing we should add mild soap or detergent without enzymes 1g, liquor ratio is not greater than 1:40, use light washed methods. After washing should be dried in the sun, or after dry naturally,to iron about 2 minutes in 150-degree, or use after iron at 150 degree heat about four minutes later. When not use, should be stored in dry and ventilated place, avoid mechanical or chemical damage, can not be put together with corrosive materials.

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