Garment put on/take off sequence method and notices

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Preparatory work before wearing garment:
Garment Protection level and property must meet environmental requirement.
Garment size should be confirmed. Before putting on, the garment size should be checked, too big or too small will cause accidental damage in the operation course. 
Garment whole integrality should be confirmed. For example check stain on garment surface, or check damage on seam etc. Remove sharp object, take unnecessary keys and sharp pendant off the garment, in order to protect garment in the operation course.
If it is A class fully enclosed chemical warfare suits, it needs a regular air-leakage test by a professional air-leakage detector, for emergency.
Before wearing protective garment, inspection must be completely done, personal experiences is not reliable, or it may cause serious safety accidents. 
Protective garment wearing place:
Changing room should be the best wearing place, if there is no changing room, the garment should be changing in a relative no pollution environment. Under emergency aid condition, wearing should be in cold area.
Other necessary auxiliary system  Before using chemical protective garment, other necessary auxiliary systems such as air supply equipment and decontamination equipment should be ready to operate.
Garment wearing method:
Garment wearing should proceed in sequence, this will make the wearing quick and correct, and also make garment play a part in protecting worker, while this a base of taking garment off in safe.
At last, for improving the garment impermeability, tape could be used on closings (eg. Top fly, sleeve, trouser cuff, mask and hood junction). Choose double gloves for protect hands etc.. In the process, avoid base layer to get touch to outer environment, for avoiding garment from pollution. 
Notice after wearing:
During working process, it should be noticed that while chemical protective garment is suffering continuing pollution, the garment must be changed in specific safe time. If chemical protective garment is damaged, it must be changed immediately. 
For airtight protective garment or non-hermetic protective garment which got a good air tightness, because work space is relative isolated, it is suggest that operating 2 workers principle, which means at least 2 workers get into working space together, for saving each other in emergency situation.
Chemical protective garment can provide effective protection for several hours, but if working condition need air respirators, the working time is up to air respirator limited time. It is need to be notice that the air respirator effective specific time, it must be changed before cylinder run out. Also before calculating effective working time, the walking time and equipment changing time should be count in. 
Garment undress method:
The principle that taking garment off is undress all equipment safely, avoid damage humanbody and environment. Here is a special point that, there must be a cleaning and washing before taking garments off. The washing and cleaning of garment is for protecting worker from toxic material on clothing surface or toxic environment while taking garments off. After washing and cleaning, garment undressing must following procedures:
Before taking gloves off, gloves should contact to garment outside surface mostly, gloves should contact internal surface after taking off, garment should be inside out after taking off, that will cover the outer surface and pollution inside, avoid contacting humanbody and environment. Undressed protective equipment should be treated together, avoid expanding pollution in this course.  
For those airtight or liquid-tight garments which is complicated wearing and heavy, there should be a other person to help wearing or undressing, eg.helping wearer do some hand or feet adjust of garment, and help wearer zip up or some other difficult operations, check wore up condition at last. When helping wearer taking garment off, due to possibility of contact pollution, assistant must have some cover also, avoiding pollution.

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