What harm does the arc have to human body?

2015-10-08 13:35 | writer: admin

Following are the main damages of arc to human body:
1, Electric shock to death
Direct electric shock will makes the workers death or severe burns. In fact, even with the fire retardant protective clothing, we can not avoid the workers death to electric shock.
2, Burning clothing cause severe burns
The workers will get hurt even they have not get an electric shock, the arc electric radiation will melt tools, make the clothing burning in a short time, for example, the cotton clothing and polyester clothing can be burned without fire, once lit, the clothing will continue to burn, which result in damnen hurt.
3, Clothing burst cause severe burns
The explosion or vibration force caused by arc will makes the clothing burst, which result in workers body expose to high temperature, fire or molten metal.
4, Synthetic fiber underwear molten drops cause severe burns
Even the outer clothing no burning, the heat of arc will melt the synthetic fiber underwear, the underwear close to the skin, so the molten drops will hurt the workers.
Many overseas examples show that the workers at work wear daily clothing always hurt them. Actuary, more than half of injuries case of OSHA caused by burning clothing.
Therefore, evaluate the criticality of special work environment, offering the suitable protective clothing for workers is the Occident general safety requirement standards.  Arc proof personal protective clothing can offer enough time to escape and lower the burning degree to improve the survival rates of accident victims.

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