What’s the advantages does the Proban flame resistant fabric have?

2015-10-09 14:19 | writer: admin

Proban production craft used TCEP agency is the one used in cotton fiber and other blended fabric with durable after treatment agency, which have the character that after treat with this flame retardant agency , it becomes permanent linkage inside the fabric, therefore the FR fabric will more durable on FR performance, 50 time plus washable. These FR fabric not only have effect flame resistant performance, but also keep the original performance of fabric.
The FR fabric treated with proban craft have spread on industry and home application field in each country, on steel factory/ glass factory/ forge and foundry factory, and every work place which may have flame, Proban all have great flame resistant feature, provide more safe protection to the user. Besides in hospital/ hotel / airport/ ship/ railway and such public place, Proban also can be used for making work wear and bed sheet/ curtain and such product having relative FR requirement.
FR fabric have great FR performance, during flaming , it just carbonized , didn’t have piercing/ shrinkage/ melt/ drop appearance. On Proban fabric and normal cotton fabric work wear comparison test, touch flaming 15 sec. at the same time, and stopped, then Proban fabric didn’t burning, however normal cotton fabric keep burning, after 2 min. the latter fabric already been burned.
Using Proban FR fabric made of FR protective clothing having great durable washing performance, nontoxic and non-smell, non stimulation, safety to human body, breathable and water vapor, soft touch , comfortable in wearing and such characters. It’s feature have send to SGS/ MTL/ TUV and such authority organization , all passed EN11612(EN531 before)/EN11611(EN470-1 before)/EN533/16CFR/NFPA2112/ASTM and such standard.

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