According to the object of protection, how many kinds of functional protective fabric?

2015-10-10 13:44 | writer: admin

Functional protective textiles have flame-retardant, high temperature resistance, anti-static, anti-oil, anti-acid, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-bad weather and other functions, to provide security protection for workers in hazardous environments, in order to avoid huge loss of the life and property. 
Depending on the protective object, functional protective textiles can be divided into general operations and special operations.
General job protection textiles refers to fabric for pollution prevention, anti mechanical wear, anti-twist mill and other common injuries and worn in the general working environment. Such as protective gloves, protective sleeves, leggings, etc., can provide security for staff in the mechanical field. The scope of the general protective clothing fabrics are wide, different grades of cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabric etc are suitable for production.
Special operations protective textiles used to working environment of direct endangering workers safe and healthy , to avoid and mitigate occupational hazards. Its specificity is strong, fabrics must meet the technical requirements of national and industry-specific protection, mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, electronics, fire and other fields.

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