Which categories of Functional protective textile divided according to application?

2015-10-12 14:13 | writer: admin

According to application area, the functional protective textile can be divided into public service, military use, medical treatment and public heath, sports, industrial, construction, agriculture etc..
Public service textile, such as bus protective clothing mostly adopt return reflective material and photoluminescence materials, increase the boldness, avoid the the happening of accident.
Military textile can be divided into bullet proof clothing, anti radiation clothing, chemical protective clothing, camouflage clothing, its function is furthest help the soldier effectively against the bad weather condition, normal and chemical war. According to information, the multi-function chemical protective and harmful gas protective clothing has come out.
The dosage of Medical protective textile is big, it requests comfortable wearing, convenient and easy operation, safety, anti poison, fungus proof, abrasion proof, rip stop, and cut proof, not need to wash, reduce surgical inflection etc. Functions.
Casual and sports protective textile is mainly for the clothing of motorcycler, climber, skier, skater etc., it requests the protective clothing not only effectively protective the body from harm, but also breathable, soft, flexible, portability, and easy care etc. features.

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