Protective high performance fiber: Meta-aramid

2015-10-13 15:27 | writer: admin

With its excellent property such as flame-resistance, heat-resistance,light weight,high strength,insulation,anti-radiation etc. Aramid and carbon fiber, HSHMPE fiber are called the world's three largest high-performance fibers. In three of them, meta aramid’s high performances are reflected in: outstanding heat resistance, it can be used in 204℃for longtime, no melting, no ageing, and it has a well size stability; super flame resistance, this belongs to its inherent flame resistance fiber, it won’t burn melt in air or create melting drop; when reach an extreme high temperature, the fiber will quickly expand and carbonize, then become a special heat insulation barrier; splendid insulation performance, it can make the heat insulation of electronic equipment or machinery reach class H (180℃).  
The main application area of meta aramid including: first is environmental protection, the meta aramid filter bag are widely used as dust filter in heavy pollution industry such as steel,cement,asphalt mixing; Secondly, it is protection garment, such as special forces combat uniform,flight suit,navy combat uniform,swat training uniform,forest police and firefighter workwear; petro or petrochemical welding workwear, electrical,chemical or metallurgy industry protective workwear, mine emergency aid uniform and protective garments in combustible and explosive place etc.; Other is industrial, auto hose base cloth, high temperature convey belt, printing apron, stereo wave cloth, copying equipment clear paper, outdoor equipment cover; At last is composite material, electronic insulation material, auto trim, military and civil airplane inner heat/fire proof and acoustic materials etc..

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