Hi Vis Fabric After Finishing Technique

2015-10-14 10:26 | writer: admin

Hi vis fabric or hi vis coating fabric is one kind of functional fabric, through analyzing different reflective material additive amount influence to the coating luminescence property, compare the luminescence property changes to the coating friction and before and after washing, the result shows that with the addition of the reflective material, the initial luminous brightness of the coating increases, the persistence time arrive 10h. When the reflective material increase to 30%, the coating persistence time increase to 1.298cd/m, coating fabric water repellent function is better than crocking resistance.
Hi vis fabric, hi vis coating fabric mainly materials are polyester and nylon, by adding enough reflective material and other printing and dyeing auxiliary, absorb a certain visible light to make the fabric glow lasts for up to 10h on dark night. This coating fabric has bright color and rich designs on daytime, and on dark place, it can release yellow green color. This fabric is widely used in national defence industry, architectural ornament, communication and transportation, night work, daily life, recreation, clothing and other filed, has good market outlook. At present this coating fabric has been developed many multi-function textile products, for example, hi vis fire retardant, water repellent, anti-static and so on.

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