Which Craft Applied on Water Oil Proof After Treatment?

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Recently, global market to water & oil proof and easy stainless functional textile quantity demands increased. The water & oil proof treatment textile ‘s total quality have increased annually in our country, at present it has more higher technology and production standard, production enterprise have increased on awareness of product quality test and control.
America Dupont first adopt fluorine polymer to make water & oil proof treatment in the 50’s 20 century; after this , 3M company invent Perfluorinated carboxylic acid chromium complex as treatment agency , but before long it replaced by more good performance  fluorine – containing polyacrylate. Nowadays, fluorine-containing polyacrylate is water oil proof and stainless treatment as the main agency trends. Water oil proof and easy stainless craft should according to actual requirement, relative adopt “rolling/dry/bake” cover treatment or both connected craft route. 
Water oil proof treatment craft
1、PTFE thin layer lamination
Lamination textile water oil proof performance great, washable, high water pressure durable, but need expert lamination equipment, one-time investment big, costing higher. Good sales in overseas PTFE thin layer mainly have America Gore company Gore-Tex thin layer and holand AKZO company’s sympatex thin layer; inland mainly have general master equipment research and development invest thin layer.
2、fluorocarbon padding treatment
At present, the market common fluorocarbon mainly have America Dupont ‘s zepel1588 and Teflon, huntsman’s Oleo-phobol serious, Japan Asahi ‘s AG480 and AG710, Daikin ‘s TG410/TG527, Nycca’s EC50 etc. even though each fluorocarbon ‘s performance differ, but treatment craft generally same, ordinary adopt below rolling/dry/bake craft: padding textile( padding remaning 70%-80%)-pre-drying (80-100℃.5—10arin) baking(150~170℃,2~3min),treatment liquid using glacial acetic acid adjust PH value to 3-7.
3、coating treatment
Coating is the way of water-oil proof treatment. At present textile coating treatment agency mainly have polyacrylate/ PU/silicone elastomer and PVC resins and such type, in which water-soluble such coating adhesive application have more wide used. Coating can apparently promote textile ‘s hydrostatic pressure. But often influence water transmission rate and sensitive touch. To have more great treatment effect, can adopt padding treatment and coating treatment matched craft.

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