Functional fabrics Introduction

2015-10-16 10:06 | writer: admin

Functional fabrics usually refers to textiles with special features beyond the conventional textile products warm, cover and landscaping features outside, such as the common anti-static, wash and wear (DP), shrink-proof, moth, waterproof, anti-fouling , anti-wrinkle, anti-pilling, etc., as well as fire-retardant, UV, far infrared, electromagnetic shielding, anti-bacterial deodorizing and odor, radiation, high moisture, etc. These textiles with some special features,some of them only has a single function, but also some of them is multifunctional or composite functional fabrics.
Usually in the nature of the fiber, structure, performance and intended use classification.
According to their functional attributes of products divided into the following four categories: physical, chemical, physical separation, and bio-compatibility capabilities fabrics.
According to performance and usage, functional fabrics can be divided into the following categories: (1) Finishing of Textiles: cotton, wool, silk, linen fabric waterproof, wrinkle-free, stain finishing, anti-static, corrosion mildew finishing ; (2) protection textiles: anti-ultraviolet radiation, fire-retardant, high temperature, heat insulation, sound insulation textiles; (3) the appropriate emotional Textiles: cold sensation, super soft, quick-drying, breathable functional textiles; (4 ) Health care textiles: anti-bacterial, far infrared, negative ion health-care functional textiles; (5) Intelligent Textiles: electronic digital fabric, comfortable breathable fabric adjustment, phase change thermostat fabric, color and subtle color fabric, fabric care system life, high performance sports apparel.

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