What evaluation method for flame retardant textile?

2015-10-17 18:08 | writer: admin

Evaluate the flambility of textile mainly from two aspects, one is the fire point, it shows that the fabric easy to fire or difficult to fire, another is the flame retardant feature.
The evaluation method of flame retardant feature is as following, one is evaluate by the burning rate, it means that measure the char length after contact the fire according to specified time, another is evaluate by LOI, it is the expression of oxygen concentration that re-burning need, through determining the oxygen index to evaluate the burning property of textile.
The test method of flame retardant textile, there are all kinds of flame testing method, the testing results are difficult to compare, the testing result only show the flame retardant property good and bad at some level, Current our country mainly use GB/T5455-1997 “Test method of vertical flame testing” to test the flame retardant property of textile.

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