What are the anti-static treatment of woven fabric?

2015-10-20 13:47 | writer: admin

Common woven fabric is a poor conductor of electricity, while producing and using, due to friction and contact generated electricity on fabric surface, thus that will lead to electrostatic phenomenon, that will cause inconvenient of production and effecting appearance and comfort of garment.
At present, common method in production is adding carbon fiber or conductive fiber, or anti-static finishing agent. The former color is monotonous, it is suitable for fabric of anti-static workwear, the latter is suitable for electrostatic on different kind of wool fabric. 
Basic theory and method of fabric anti-static including: reducing electrostatic occurring; expediting leak of electrostatic; causing conditions that make electrostatic neutralized. Anti-static finishing agent is commonly treat as a continuous film which is conductive, it will provide hygroscopicity and ionicity to fabric surface so it can lead to anti-static function. There are 2 kinds of Anti-static finishing agent which is temporary and perdurable, perdurable agent can keep good anti-static property after 20 times of washing.

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