what is the mechanism of the ironing clothing ?

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The all cotton non-ironing technology can be said to be the advanced technology in 21th,then what is the mechanism of the ironing?As we know,general between cotton fiber molecules,they are in a state of disorder and no fixed phase,when the cotton fabric under the action of water molecules and external force,a relative slip between macromolecular chains,it produced a degeneration of the so-called external force,when remove the external force or water molecules,this degeneration caused by slip is can’t recover,this is the wrinkling of cotton fabrics.
 if can be generated the Hinge network between the cotton fiber macromolecule,then is will not relative slip under the action of water molecules and external force,that is to say doesn't happen corrugate.The way of to urge generate the hinge network between macromoleculars is base on the resin finishing,According to the resin finishing that produces crosslinking reaction between the resin molecular and cotton fiber molecular, so as to achieve the cotton fibers with the performance of variability recovery,after the cotton fabric made of clothing it can be crease proof after washing that without ironing.This kind of finishing resin usually use formaldehyde resins or the modified 2 d resin of low formaldehyde,when configure resin finishing liquid,in addition to formaldehyde or 2 d resin,also should be equipped with all kinds of additives such as catalyst,softener,such as the actual and so on,with him to improve the fabric handle and comfort.
Iron-free finishing technology according to the different of finisher and machining process,Often have 4 kinds of process principle:1)Before baking process:fabric-resin finishing-drying-baking-clothing-iron.2)After baking process:fabric-resin finishing-drying-clothing-iron-baking.3)Impregnation process:fabric-clothing-resin finishing-drying-iron-baking.4)The gas phase method to process:fabric-additive-clothing-iron-gas phase process.
In recent years,because of people's environmental protection consciousness of dress,increased the awareness of health care,European Community,United States, Japan and other technology developed country,have put forward environmental protection textile and clothing requirements,now the international recognized standard of ecological textile is using European “Oeko Tex standard 100”standard,the clothing that conform to this standard,can signs for environmentally friendly clothes.

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