The testing method of flame retardant textile

2015-10-24 11:13 | writer: admin

Mainly from two points to evaluate the flammability of flame retardant fabric, the property of easy to ignite, the flammability of textile (the property of flame retardant).
There are two standards to evaluate the flammability of flame retardant fabric:
1. The burning rate of textile. Flame retardant fabric contact with the fire in a certainly time follow to the standard, then move the fire, to measure afterflame time and afterglow time and the char length. The shorter time of after flame and afterglow, the lower of the char length, it shows that flame retardant property of fabric is better, on the other hand, the FR property is bad.
2.  Oxygen index method (LOI ). Fabric burning need oxygen, LOI is expression of oxygen needed by fiber burning, so through measure LOI can judge the FR property of fabric, the higher of LOI, the higher of oxygen concentration for keeping the fiber burning, it means that the fabric is difficult to burn. The index can be expressed by the minimum volume percentage of oxygen , what needed by sample is keep burning in nitrogen and oxygen mixed gas, LOE=oxygen concentration / (oxygen concentration + nitrogen concentration)*100%, LOI <20%, is combustible fiber, LOI between 20 ~ 26%, is flammable fiber; LOI between 26 ~ 34%, is flame retardant fiber; Oxygen index above 35%, is non flame fiber.

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