What are the varieties of the after finished treatment for textile?

2015-10-26 17:04 | writer: admin

The after finished treatment of the textile can be divided in two kind, one is remedy treatment, another is endow treatment. The front one is to remedy the weakness of the cotton, fur synthetic fibr. The treatment such as the crease resist, shrink resist and the anti-static and the anti-pilling, etc. The endow treatment is to endow the fabric a function itself have not had before to improve the addition of the fabric, such as three proof, flame retardant, anti-UV and antibiotic finish, etc. 
The two kinds can both improve the quality and grade of the products. I n recent years, the single function fabric can’t meet the requires of the high-end market. And multi-function fabric have become the new highlight of the products development. And varieties of fabric have produced, which have rich the market. 

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