What is the waterproof coating finishing process of clothing?

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Smear a continuous layer of thin film layer in the waterproof surface that impervious/gas-tight and insoluble in water,that is called coating finish.In order to improve not wet performance and hand feeling of waterproof fabric that by coating finish,after coating must use water repllents to water repellent finish
A.Configuration of polyacrylate resin coating agent。
(1).polyacrylate resin 100 parts/ethyl acetate 14-16 parts/cross-linking agent 1.8-2 parts; 
(2).Polyacrylate paste 100 parts/ethyl acetate 7-8 parts/gasoline 7-8 parts/cross-linking agent 1.8-2 parts.
2.The preparation of work slurry:The equipment is vertical single shaft mixer. Operation:First,diluted mix up cross-linking agent use part of ethyl acetate,join the polyacrylate paste with the rest of the ethyl acetate,use a vertical single shaft mixer to stir about half an hour,until stir evenly.
B.Waterproof coating finishing process
1.technological process:preliminary drying--remove impurities--coating--drying--batching--water repellent finish
2.technological requirements:
(1).ensure the gray cloth smooth into,it have some improve to the edgeslack that caused by front-end production,benefit to improve the quality of coating.
(2)remove impurities:in order to prevent the yarn,dust particle in the scraper blade,caused the shadow disease spot,so in front of the scraper is equipped with fixed brush,brushed except the dust and yarn and other impurity.
(3).coating:On the coating machine,scrape the coating slurry on the waterproof fabric surface evenly with scraper,according to the different requirement,it can be one or several coated imitation.
(4).drying:in order to remove the solvent in the coating slurry,make it be a fastness thin film,after coated imitation should be drying immediately.
(5).water repellent finish:in order to get the good effect of watersprinkling and rain,all the fabric need water repellent finish after coating.

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