What are the commonly used methods for anti uv finishing?

2015-10-29 09:06 | writer: admin

Anti uv common finishing methods:
The fiber or textile anti uv finishing process are related to the finishing agent characters and the product end use.
Common anti uv finishing methods including:
High temperature and high pressure suction method: some difficult insoluble or nearly insoluble in water ultraviolet light absorber is able to use polyester high temperature high pressure dyeing method.
Atmospheric exhaustion method: some water-soluble finishing agent can be dealed with aqueous solutions at atmospheric pressure when used in wool, silk, cotton or polyamide fiber textiles, similar water soluble dye.
Dipping treatment: after anti uv fishing, this method will affect the textile style, hand feeling, permeability and water absorption.
Coating methods: this method drawback is affected the textile washing fastness and hand feeling, usually used in decoration or industrial textiles.
Printing method: it is suitable for low requirement ultraviolet screening agent textile.

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