How many method for soil release finish in textile?

2015-10-30 15:27 | writer: admin

Soil release finish,  that is SR finish. Synthetic fiber(such as polyester) have good hydrophobe, natural fiber (such as cotton) even though water loving fiber, but after finishing by resin arrangement, its water loving perssad being sealed, its water loving performance decreased. Based on these factor, synthetic fiber fabric and natural fiber and synthetic fiber of mixed fabric is easy to get pollution, after pollution it will difficult to remove, at the moment, during washing it several times, it will be more easy to get stain again(the atmosphere of sediment on the fabric after washed the stain). Stain proof finishing including oil contamination proof (difficult to get oil contamination), easy to washing after contamination, during washing anti-re-contamination and anti-static, difficult dust collection (antistatic). To anti-stain in the fabric, must get through three method to finish, that is oil contamination proof arrangement, easy eliminate stain arrangement and antistatic arrangement. Here we mainly introduce easy move stain arrangement.
To make the fabric having water oil proof performance, generally having three method. (1)Starch finishing: it form one protective layer on fabric surface. This protective layer will loose totally or partly, prompt the stain moved away, get the easy washing purpose. This anti-oil function cannot lasting long, so it’s temporal anti-oil agent.(2)Film method: using high-molecular compound on the surface of the fabric, it formed washing durable and water loving lamination, to prompt fiber more wettability during washing, which easy to eliminate the stain. This method get a lot of attention in practice. (3)Fibre chemistry chemical modification method: put cotton and synthetic fibre on chemical modification to promote the performance of stain proof, such as, Conjugate cotton into anionic branched chain compound or nonionic hydrophobic material., Conjugate non-ionic hydrophilia polyoxyethylene group to nylon/polyester surface,both can promote the anti-stain performance getting better. Generally speaking, anti-stain arrangement not that difficult, just need add suitable annexing agent during data arrangement, these having anti-stain performance annexing agent becomes stain arrangement agent.

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