How to wash acid protective clothing correctly?

2015-11-07 09:48 | writer: admin

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It would be better that breathable acid protective clothing is washed by neutral detergent, not mixed with other clothing, wash by hand or soft washing of machine, do not brush by hair brush, do not beat, do not knead strong by hand, The temperature of washing water should be under 40 degree, the washing time should be as short as possible, but must be have enough time to wash to remove residual detergents. Do not use bleaching power and organic solvent to clean, avoid reduce acid protective function and color fastness of fabric. Acid protective clothing should be natural dry in air, not exposure under the sun. When the clothing is half-dry, it should be ironed under 115 degree, so it will be avoid reducing of acid proof function.
Non-breathable acid protective clothing is washed by plenty of water, can be brush lightly, but do not use hot water, organic solvent, avoid sun exposure, heat drying, whole very hot, in order to prevent aging, cracking, swelling and loss protection performance.

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