How to wear the fire fighter workwear preferably for fire fighter?

2015-11-07 10:08 | writer: admin

fireproof workwear
In the all kinds of fire scene, the citizens will see the rescue workers wear the navy garment rushed into the fireground to rescue. The special garment is the fire fighter protective clothing. 
The firefighter protective clothing is the multi-functional clothing the fighter wear when rescuing in the fire,which is made of inherence permanent flame retardant fabric and the thermal insulation felt. The clothing have the good fire proof, water repellent, heat insulation and breathable property and with good hi vis property. It is one of the first special kind generation protective equipment for fire fighters. 
The protective clothing should be wear with the helmet, gloves, rubber boot. The firefighter can wear them to put out the fire in the general fire scene, but which couldn’t contact the metal directly.
When enter into the fire scene, the fighter should hold up the collar and make it to coincide the cappa of the helmet to protect the neck, make the glove to coincide the cuff and bottom of the pant should put out of the boot and coincide with the boot. And grip all the assembly unit of the clothing. 
The protective clothing have good flame retardant property, but which can also burn in the fire, just only can be stopped after leave the fire. So which can not be as the fire proof suit and the fire fighter suit. The protective clothing can not be wear in the occasion of heat, chemical, biology, radiation and electric. 
The fire fighter clothing can’t be wear in the fire more than 1 hour and avoid to wear under the burning sun. 

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