What are simple classification of waterproof fabrics ?

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waterproof fabric

The water repellency of fabric is said the fabric performance that Dial the falling water from the surface.The purpose of the repellent finishing is to prevent water wettability of fabric,to prevent liquid water penetrate,but still keep the fabric breathable performance and moisture permeability.

Usual,according to the breathability of the waterproof fabric that after processing,    divided into airtight and breathable.The fabric airtight finishing also called coating finish,it is smear the continuous film that airtight and insoluble in water on the the surface of the fabric, so the fabric is not breathe freely.Wearing clothing made of this kind of fabric,Will make people feel quite stuffy,but can be used for making tents、raincoat and other things.
The China early used tarpaulin(Tung oil、linseed oil fabric and so on) is belongs to  this class.In order to improve the finish product handle、elasticity and durability,recently,most use the coating high polymer material is high adhesion,good elasticity, handling soft and ageing resistant,usually used is rubber and plastics(Poly acrylate and polyurethane).Gas-tight waterproof finishing also called water repellent finish,It changed the properties of  the fiber surface,turned the hydrophilic into hydrophobicity,but the waterproof fabric also keep a lot of space between the fibers and yarn,so this kind waterproof fabric, not only breathable, but also not easily wetted with water,only under the condition of the water pressure is quite large that can be happen Permeable phenomenon,suitable for raincoats.

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